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Discover The Meaning Of Anchor Jewelry

Discovering The Meaning Of Anchor Jewelry

Accessories can transform a good outfit into an amazing one. Some of the most commonly used accessories are jewelry. Available in various designs and materials, jewelry is beautiful and has been used for centuries to improve our appearance.

Examples of materials used to make jewelry are silver, gold, platinum, diamonds and titanium. There are many jewelry designs available today. An outstanding one is anchor jewelry. Read on to learn more about this type of jewelry and what it means.

What Is The Meaning Of The Anchor Symbol?

Anchors are some of the most popular jewelry subjects available today. Celebrities, fashion icons and athletes are being spotted wearing jewelry with this design quite often. This symbol is being printed on fashion items as well. So what is the meaning of an anchor?

The meaning and use of the anchor has changed over the centuries. Originally, the anchor symbol was not associated with the sea but was used on land.

In the early years of the Christian faith, the Romans were persecuting followers by the thousands. Therefore, Christians developed secret signs and symbols to uniquely distinguish themselves under the watchful eye of the Romans.

They chose the anchor to be their symbol of strength. Hence, early Christians would wear jewelry that is shaped like an anchor.

The Christians associated its ability to keep ships afloat in stormy seas with stability. Hence, they wore the anchor to show that their faith was still strong and intact despite the storm of Roman persecution.

They also chose this seafaring piece of equipment to be their symbol because it is similar in shape of the cross. They would wear it and also paint it on safe houses for fleeing or hiding Christians.

Evolution Of The Anchor Symbol And Its Use In Jewelry

Over time, the anchor symbol began being used in the seas and oceans of the earth.

Mariners began to use this symbol as the subject of jewelry, tattoos and painted designs on their ships.

A famous mariner who has an anchor tattoo is Popeye. Sailors began to use this symbol because they believed that it showed strength and fortitude.

Whenever they would set down the anchor, it symbolized the successful end of a long journey.

Today, mariners and ocean going organizations regularly use the anchor as their symbol. Examples of such are the US Navy, the US Marines, fishermen and professional anglers too.

Personal Meaning Of Anchor Jewelry

Today, you are bound to see many people wearing jewelry with the anchor as an outstanding symbol. Not only does it mean that you are stable and strong, it also means that you are properly grounded.

It shows that you are solidly holding on to the values which you believe in. If you have survived through tough times in your past, a broken anchor shows the resolve to move on from past destructive habits.

It indicates that you are willing and capable of moving forward. People who travel a lot also use jewelry shaped like anchors to remind themselves of where they come from. It shows that they have a permanent place to call home.

Some Types Of This Jewelry

There are many jewelry designers who use the anchor as the main symbol in their designs.

They allow people to exhibit the meaning of this symbol in their lives through jewelry.

An example of such a piece is the Sterling Silver & Zircon Heart Anchor Pendant And Necklace. Available in sterling silver, this symbol is nautical in nature and delicate in design.

You can wear it on its own or layer it with other types of jewelry. The Zircon Heart Anchor Pendant is suspended from a chain which is 18 inches in length. It is simply beautiful and elegant for any lady to wear.

Another example of anchor-themed jewelry is the Nautical Anchor bracelet with a triple strap. It is bold and beautiful.

The main design feature of this Anchor Bracelet is the big Anchor sitting in the middle of the bracelet surrounded by metal beads. Two straps are braided and one is flat

Not only are they beautiful, the nautical anchor bracelet is a constant reminder of the personal meaning of an anchor.


I am pleasantly surprised whenever I go for a sail just how many people religiously wear their nautical jewelry, and honestly think that it really does become a part of who they are and how it makes them feel.

I can relate totally because I never leave the house myself unless I am wearing mine. Specifically, an older type anchor ring which was passed down from my grandfather and something that I wear on a daily basis.

If you want a symbol to show that you are strong and grounded, the anchor is an ideal choice to pick.

Used in jewelry for centuries, this symbol is endearing. When you wear it as a pendant or earrings, you symbolize your evolution from past weaknesses into a secure, solid future.

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