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What Is The Aurora Borealis

What Is This Magical Light Show Called The Aurora Borealis?

The Aurora is an incredible light show that occurs due to collisions between collide gasses and electrically charged particles emitted from the sun that enters the world's atmosphere, for example, nitrogen and oxygen.

The lights are seen around the attractive posts of the northern and southern hemispheres.

Auroras that occurred in the northern hemisphere are called 'Aurora Borealis' or 'northern lights' and auroras that happen in the southern hemisphere are called 'Aurora Australis' or 'southern lights.'

Both Aurora's can be found in the northern or southern hemisphere, in an irregularly molded oval centered over each attractive shaft.

Researchers have discovered that in many examples northern and southern auroras are mirror-like pictures that happen in the meantime, with similar shapes and colors.

Auroral presentations can show up in numerous distinctive colors, albeit green is the most well-known.

Colors, for example, green, yellow, red, blue and violet is likewise observed every so often.

beautiful aurora borealisThe auroras can show up in many forms, from little fixes of light that show up out of the blue to streamers, curves, rippling curtains or shooting rays that illuminate the sky with an incredible glow. 


Auroras are the consequence of collisions between vaporous particles (in the Earth's atmosphere) with charged particles (discharged from the sun's atmosphere).

Varieties in color are because of the sort of gas particles that are impacting. The most well-known aurora color which is green is delivered by oxygen particles situated around 60 miles over the earth.

The rarer red auroras are created by high-elevation oxygen, at statues of up to 200 miles. Nitrogen produces blue or purple aurora.

Many consumers around the world head off on Northern Lights holidays. These natural illuminations can be spectacular, and they have long fascinated those who see them.

One popular place for holidaymakers to visit when they are in search of the Aurora Borealis is Sweden.

Recently, the lights put on a particularly impressive show. According to a report in the Huffington Post, people in some places around the globe got to see the auroras at their best.

Shortly after the event, which occurred in the middle of July, it said: "A spectacular northern lights display and planetary line-up converged this past weekend, creating an unforgettable night sky show for some lucky stargazers around the world."

The news source added: "The dazzling night sky double play combined bright auroras powered up by a modern solar storm with a magnificent conjunction of the planets Venus and Jupiter with the crescent moon."
Dazzling Aurora Borealis Dance In The Night
It went on to note that the show was sparked by a powerful solar flare that occurred on July 12th. As an X1.4-class event, it was one of the strongest sun storms of the year. The Huffington Post pointed out that X-class solar flares are the most powerful of their kind.
This event was witnessed by people in some different countries across the world, including the US.



However, when people are specifically seeking Northern Lights holidays, they are often drawn to Abisko in Sweden.

Best Place To See Them

If you want to see Aurora Borealis, there is arguably no better place to be than Sweden. The area has its micro climate that causes clear skies and minimizes precipitation.

Cloudless conditions are the number one prerequisite when it comes to seeking the illuminations.

Although weather conditions via dense snowfall can potentially affect the superb display due to its location within the Artic and Antarctic regions, the aurora borealis is a natural phenomenon not to be passed up lightly and is included on many bucket lists.

During the months of December and January, holidaymakers can enjoy the best polar experience as darkness descends between 6 pm and 11 am to provide the maximum opportunity to see the lights.

Although the duration of night time is slightly reduced, February and March are still great months in which to vacate in an area where the aurora borealis can be viewed while enjoying the aesthetic snow-layered landscapes and an aurora during the evenings.

These days, it is easy for people to book breaks to this location, and to other suitable sites as well.

Individuals have their unique reasons behind the decision to go on holiday, whether it is to another location within the United Kingdom other than the region in which they reside in, or overseas.

While the former provides some similarities regarding overall culture, the latter offers a vast array of new surroundings to suit the tastes and preferences of all holidaymakers.

We absolutely love the Aurora Borealis so much that we have several art canvas's in our home to enjoy. If your like me you may want to check out several of our art pieces of this phenomena that we have for sale. 

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